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Canada express entry is an online system used by the Canadian government to manage applications of skilled workers for immigration. A province or territory, or an eligible Canadian employer has the right to nominate a potential candidate from the Express Entry pool. If one gets an employment offer gets their scores increased significantly giving a major push to the profile.

There are basically 3 programs of immigration which are managed through the Express entry and they are:

Canadian experience class

This program is for those who have Canadian work experience.

Federal Skilled Worker Program

Those workers who have skills and experience in a foreign land

Federal Skilled Trades Program

For those workers who are qualified in a skilled trade

Steps to apply for express entry programs;


  1. Check eligibility: The first step is to check whether one is eligible or not. You can read the detailed requirements for each program on the internet.
  2. Check the score: In the express entry pool, you will be ranked according to the CRS score (comprehensive ranking system), when you will submit your profile once you are eligible for a program.
  3. Ready with the documents: Make sure you have all the documents and the documents checklist can be seen on the internet.
  4. Fill your profile: All the information about you will be in your express entry profile, they will accept your application and give you a CRS score.
  5. Get the invitation and then apply: The invitations are sent to those with the highest score in the application pool, Once you get the invitation you will have 60 days to submit your application.


You can calculate your CRS score by yourself as well, there are a few websites which allow you to calculate the CRS score, this will help you to see those areas which are strong and can be improved and those areas which need attention like the IELTS score, one can work on the preparation of IELTS and get a better score which will directly improve the CRS score.

For each program in the express entry, the eligibility or requirements are different, double-check all the criteria mentioned for each program before applying. Also, plan accordingly as it takes some time to get an invitation.


How can I apply for Canada express entry from India?

If you have all the documents and knowledge, all you need is the right support who can help you to reach your destination. Professional consultants can help you in such scenarios as GIEC Global in Delhi which is the best consultancy in Delhi for Canada.