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This visa allows entry into Turkey for educational purposes. It does not permit you to obtain a work permit or start a business in the country. International students can use this visa to apply for a short-term residence permit in Turkey. It enables students to attend internships, schools, colleges, universities, or courses in Turkey under the authorization of the Turkish government.

Why Study in Trukey?

Studying in Turkey is the best and great experience for students from Indians. Turkey has top universities and research centers known all over the world. They focus on giving students the best education and encouraging new ideas.

Turkey Student Visa Requirements

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To apply for a Turkey student visa, you need the following documents:

1. A completed student visa application form.
2. A valid passport.
3. Passport-sized biometric photos that meet Turkish visa photo standards.
4. Proof of flight reservation, such as airline tickets.
5. Travel insurance covering your stay in Turkey.
6. An acceptance letter from a Turkish academic institution specifying the length of your study program.
7. Proof of payment for the educational program or course (if applicable).
8. Copies of previous diplomas, transcripts, and credentials.
9. Proof of financial resources showing you can cover your stay and study expenses in Turkey. This can be a letter of sponsorship from parents or guardians, or a scholarship letter (if applicable).

Proof of Accommodation

Here is the basic Proof of Accommodation:

1. Dormitory Stay: Provide a document showing you have a reserved place in a dormitory. You can get this from the housing office.
2. Staying with Friends or Family: If you will stay with a friend or family member, you need an invitation letter from your host.
3. Renting a Place: If you plan to rent a place, you must show a signed lease agreement between you and the landlord.

Steps to Get a Turkey Study Visa for Indians

1. Contact Continental Immigration Specialist: Give your details and get all your questions answered.
2. Submit Payment and Documents: Pay for the Turkey visa and provide all necessary paperwork.
3. Document Verification: Our Visa Experts will carefully check and verify your documents before submitting them online.
4. Receive Your Study Visa: Get your visa for studying in Turkey.

Turkey Student Visa Processing Time

For Indian applicants, a Turkey student visa usually takes about 15 days to process. However, this can vary by country. The exact processing time depends on where you submit your application. In some countries, you might get a response in as little as three days.

Can I Work in Turkey with Just a Study Permit?

In recent years, Turkey has become more welcoming to international students. However, a significant challenge is the language barrier, as students need to speak Turkish. This is why most international students in Turkey come from regions where Turkish is commonly spoken, such as China’s western regions, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan.

To apply for a student visa in Turkey, you must first be accepted by a Turkish educational institution. You’ll need an acceptance letter when applying for the visa. It doesn’t matter if the institution is a high school or a university, as long as you are accepted.

Does Turkey Allow Graduates to Work?

As Turkey becomes more popular among students worldwide, the question of finding work there becomes important. Turkey’s low cost of living and excellent education quality attract many students. Turkish universities offer curricula that prepare students for the global job market.

Applying for a student visa is easy and can be done online. You might get a response within a day if all your documents are complete and correct. Some undergraduate and two-year associate degree programs in Turkey also allow students to work.

Is IELTS Required for a Turkish Study Permit?

Turkey’s unique blend of European and Oriental influences attracts people from all over the world. The country’s cities are rich in history and culture, making it a unique place to live. Turkey has surpassed expectations in terms of demand for study permits.

The Turkish government focuses on providing affordable, high-quality education compared to other regions and countries. They are developing Turkey into a hub for international students. Students worldwide choose to study in Turkey because the country is welcoming and supportive of its international student community.

Studying and Working as an International Student in Turkey

If you have a Turkish Student visa, you can’t work in Turkey unless you get a Work Permit for Students from the government. However, finding part-time work can be tough because of the language barrier. Employers prefer hiring people who speak Turkish well. Plus, the pay for jobs in Turkey is lower than in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. It takes a lot of effort to find a good part-time job as a student.

Recent laws in Turkey don’t allow students in bachelor’s or short programs to work legally. Only students in official higher education courses can get a study work permit. After you get a Turkey Work Permit, you can also get a residency permit. The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs manages international students’ work rules.

After graduating from a Turkish university, international students can apply for a work permit. The International Labour Policy Advisory Board decides on the application. You have to apply one year after graduating, so keep that in mind.

One important thing to know is that bachelor’s degree holders can’t get a Turkey Work Permit. Even having a short-term residence permit or attending school in Turkey on a state scholarship doesn’t count. Only students with advanced degrees can get a valid work permit.

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