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If you find yourself curious about the wonders of the world, both natural and man-made, along with picturesque beaches, then it’s only natural to dream of experiencing these breathtaking beauties firsthand. However, it’s not just about dreaming it’s about embracing the courage to step out of your comfort zone and venture abroad to witness these marvels. GIEC GLOBAL India help you to get your Visit or Tourist Visa.

What is Visitor or Tourist Visa?

Any type of nonimmigrant visa, such as a visiting visa, enables you to temporarily reside in a certain nation. You can often travel as a tourist, attend short  term business meetings, or visit family and friends when you’re a temporary visitor in a nation. You are also permitted to go for medical treatment with a guest visa.

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What can I do on a visit visa?

Generally, activities permitted on a visit visa include – 



Visiting relatives

Meeting up with friends

Business Meetings

Medical treatment

While in a nation on a temporary tourist visa, work or study is prohibited. Before you may work or study abroad if you come as a tourist or visitor, you must seek to have your status modified or move to a different visa category.

Advantages Of Traveling Abroad


Traveling abroad will make you explore beautiful places, cuisines, and even cultures. Some cultures you will find interesting, some will be weird to you but make sure where ever you go be respectable towards that culture. 

 Meet new people 

Foreign trips will also help you meet new people and who knows you might make some friends for life. Meeting new people has its own advantage like, learning something new from them, improving your conversation skills, and even getting some opportunities through those new friends you will make. 

 Escape your routine

When you travel abroad , you are not in the routine of your every day life.  Your routine completely changes when traveling abroad which will help you escape that same boring routine. 

 Get educated 

The time you will spend traveling to another country, you will see and learn about other cultures, their food, dressing sense, and how they make money, all of this will add up in your knowledge bank.

  Why not

This is not a motivational speech to make you travel abroad, but this question should be asked by each one of us as to why not travel abroad. There are so many places that need to be explored, and so many different cuisines and drinks that need to be tasted, so why not go for an overseas trip.

Practice or learn a new language.

As a student of languages myself, I am of the opinion that the best method to learn a new language or to speak it authentically is to live among native speakers and use that language on a regular basis. 

Types of Tourist Visa

Depending on the purpose of the trip, many visitor visa types are offered. The qualifying requirements and application process differ for each of the nations.


Tourist visa

When you are looking to travel abroad with the purpose of leisure and entertainment for a limited time period, a tourist visa is best for you. No other activity is allowed under this visa, like business or job. 

Business visa

If you intend to travel abroad for the purpose of business related activities, then this  visa is for you. Working is prohi bited on this visa as well. We are the best Tourist Visa consultant in Delhi, India.

Working holiday visa

This visa allows an individual to travel to another country and take short-term employment in that country. This visa is really good for those youngsters who like to travel and can work in the country and manage their expenses.

Visas for athletes or artists

This visa is for those who want to travel to a foreign country with the purpose of having official perform nces,events,  concerts etc. This visa is also bounded with no work allowed in that country.

Digital Nomad visa

A digital nomad visa is for those who want to go to a foreign country with the intention of traveling and working  under an employer or running their digital business. GIEC GLOBAL India is the best Visitor visa consultant in Delhi NCR. if you want to go to this trip or visit then contact us we have best consultant for visitor or Tourist visa

Cultural exchange visa

A Cultural Exchange Visa is a specialized type of visa that facilitates the temporary exchange of individuals between countries for the purpose of promoting cultural understanding, mutual learning, and  sharing of traditions.

Documents Required For Tourist Visa

Must have a valid passport with a minimum of 6 months’ validity 

Purpose of travel – one must state a detailed reason for traveling

Leave letter from the job or the educational institute if the applicant is a student 

If you have a relative living in that country where you are traveling,  then their details as well.

Insurance and Medical Examination

Proof of Sufficient Funds

While in a nation on a temporary tourist visa, work or study is prohibited. Before you may work or study abroad if you come as a tourist or visitor, you must seek to have your status modified or move to a different visa category.

Other Documents are Required for a Tourist/Visitor Visa

The basic requirements of the Tourist Visa are as follows:

  • Health check-up
  • Financial documents
  • Certificates of your character
  • Insurance
  • Proof of accommodation


    To get the tourist visa, you will have to:

    1. Fill out the tourist visa application form.
    2. Complete the payment of the fees for your visa application.
    3. Make an appointment for the visa interview at the embassy.
    4. Show- up at the embassy for your visa interview at the scheduled time, and day.

    1. Australia
    2. Canada
    3. USA
    4. United Kingdom
    5. Europe

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    A multiple-entry family visit visa is initially issued for a stay of 90 days. Extension may be applied for 7 days before and 3 days after visa expiry.