Study In Dubai

Dubai is the ideal destination for higher education with an array of over 60 best universities and colleges. Achieve your career goals with a best undergraduate or postgraduate degree from this modern metropolis, and expand your career opportunities globally.

Why Study in Dubai?

Dubai has recently grown in popularity among Indian students looking to study abroad. Multiple UK colleges have established campuses in Dubai as a result of the city’s rising popularity among foreign students. Dubai is a modern city with the best colleges in the world that are also known for its skyscrapers and higher standard of living. You should think carefully before deciding whether to study abroad because it is a big decision. In light of this,we have included all the information you could want to know if you intend to study in Dubai.

Quick Facts About Dubai

Excellent prospects for overseas students to work both full-time and part-time jobs

Student internship possibilities that are both paid and unpaid

Safe city and centre of contemporary design

Dubai – a popular student city

Institutions in Dubai are affiliated with best international universities in Australia and The UK

Global tourism and entertainment hub

Multiple Career Opportunities

Availability of Scholarships

Affordable tuition fees and living expenses

How to Apply for Study Visa for Dubai

Dubai Study Visa Process

International students often choose to study in the United Arab Emirates. As more universities and institutions build campuses for international students, it has developed into a destination for international education. A study visa,which is valid for full-time programmes, is required for students who want to attend university in Dubai. If a student’s programme is longer than 12 months, they will need to renew their visa at the conclusion of the 12-month period. Short-term visas are issued to students for programmes lasting less than a year. A month or two before to the semester, students must begin the procedure. 

To apply for a Dubai student visa, one must follow these steps:

  • Students are required to complete the visa application form and provide a passport-sized picture.
  • Verify that the given photo complies with all necessary requirements.
  • Finish the application by including any necessary supporting documentation following the checklist.
  • We Submit your application at the Dubai application center.
  • On visa approval, We provide you the visa copy.

It should be noted that all non-native English speakers will need to provide documentation of their language skills. You may do this by taking standardised English language examinations like the IELTS, TOEFL, etc. Depending on the university you select, there may be different minimum requirements for admission. Furthermore, not all colleges need a score on the English proficiency test. However, having one will make it easier for you to get accepted since it will make your application stand out from the others.


 Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

English language proficiency exam certificate.

Subject-specific test scorecard

You can find it exhausting and time-consuming to organise all these documents. Consulting professionals like GIEC GLOBAL India, where we have qualified counsellors to help you apply for your desired course the appropriate way, would be a better alternative.

English Language Proficiency Test

You can take an English proficiency exam as a non-native speaker to demonstrate your language skills. To get admitted to a university in Dubai, you can take one of a few examinations. Below are a few examples of these tests. You are not required to take these tests, it should be emphasised. You might start by looking up the university’s prerequisites.


    Minimum – 5.5


   Minimum – 72


   Minimum – 51