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Spain, a country with beautiful beaches, authentic culture, and historic places, no wonder why people seek permanent residency for Spain from around the world. If you are a European  national and a citizen of a country other than Spain in Europe then permanent residency for you is not a difficult and time consuming process.

But Getting a permanent residency for Spain can be a lengthy process if you are a Non-EU national. Non EU nationals have to spend a few years in Spain before they can apply for the Spain PR. Connect with agent for Spain PR if you want to apply for the permanent residency of Spain.

Immigration Agent For Spain In Delhi

Advantages of living in Spain

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The quality of life in Spain is very good. In Spain you would not get to experience  workload and str ess but how to enjoy life and maintain work-life balance. 

Also Spain is quite cheaper to its other European neighbors like France, Germany and Italy. Move to Spain agent can assist you to get the PR of Spain

Experiencing the Spanish culture

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Spain is a country with a rich history and culture. Spain was built and constructed by different groups of   communities.  Once you are in Spain for a long term you will get to know how vast their culture is and have different view points or perceptions.

Medical and health benefits

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Spain has one of the best medical care benefits for their residents and also a free public health system for all residents of Spain. According to the HAQ ( Healthcare Access and Quality Index ) Spain’s health system is one of the best medicare systems in the world.

Buying properties or Real Estate in Spain

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If you are an investor in real estate and want to move to a different country then Spain can be the best option for you considering the variety of properties the country has and also the range of price of the real estate.

Spain’s Nightlife

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If you love partying then Spain is the hub of parties specially Barcelona and Ibiza. Apart from the parties, Spanish night life has a lot to offer as people love to go out during the night. The vibe and the environment is totally different and it is a must to experience the nightlife in Spain.

Eligibility for PR in Spain and the process

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 For Non-EU nationals the process for the permanent residency is a bit lengthy. The basic eligibility to apply for the PR is as follows:

Be in Spain on a valid visa for at least 5 years, like student visa or work visa.

Proof of sufficient financial resources and funds.

Health insurance that is valid in Spain.

Keep in mind the time spent in Spain on a student visa will only add 50% of the time in terms of permanent residency. For example if you stay 4 years in a student visa then only 2 years will be calculated when applying for the PR in Spain. Once you have completed 5 years of stay in Spain provided you meet other requirements as well then applying for the PR becomes a bit easy. The next step to apply for the PR in Spain is to get the form and all the necessary documents to the suitable police station. Keep in mind to apply for the permanent residency at least 3 months from the expiry of your current visa in Spain. 

The application form that is the EX-17 form along with documents such as:

Current passport    Proof of stay in Spain for 5 years, for example payslips or tax returns

Proof of Residency in Spain    Medical insurance and certificate 

Criminal background check

After submitting the required documents along with the application form you have to wait for the response from the government. If you receive an official notification then  you have to go the relevant police station again and submit your fingerprints and proceed with the application process .

Cost of applying for the PR in Spain

The cost of Spain PR is very low. You need around 20EU for documentation and another 80EU for translation of your docum ents if they are not in Spanish .

After getting the permanent residency in Spain, your permanent resident card will only be valid for 5 years and you can renew the PR card again for 5 years.

Once you have completed 10 years on a PR in Spain then you become eligible for citizenship in Spain.

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