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Discover Europe’s world-class education system, which includes a diverse range of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programmes. In a friendly, social setting, learn about Europe’s many languages and cultures. European universities have long been renowned for their high academic standards, cutting-edge research, and cost-effectiveness. Europe is home to 31 of the world’s top 100 institutions, according to The Times’ 2012 World University Rankings making it the second largest bloc of universities after the United States.In total, nearly 4000 Higher Education Institutions exist in Europe, offering a diverse range of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate-level courses. Universities in Europe are now better positioned than ever before to welcome international students and provide a course of study that meets their career needs in today’s global market, as more and more of these institutions adopt English as the language of in struction for at least some of their degree programmes. if you are looking for the best Europe Education Consultants in Delhi contact us.

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Why Study In Europe?

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    As has previously been demonstrated, European universities are committed to providing high-quality education. In general, Europe has some of the best educational systems in the world. Furthermore, the European Higher Education Area (EHEA)  monitors the quality of teaching and learning on a regular basis to guarantee that high educational standards are maintained while also encouraging ongoing progress.

This is especially visible at the graduate level: from slightly over 1000 in 2007 to over 5000 today, the number of English-taught Masters in mainland Europe has surged dramatically. Degree programmes taught in English are accessible in a wide range of areas, including Business and Economics (the most popular, accounting for around 28% of English-taught Masters in Europe), Engineering, Life Sciences (including medical), Social Sciences, and Humanities.

Benefits for international students for studying in Europe

    If you’re seeking for a good centre of learning and academics, Europe has a lot to offer, with 50 countries dispersed throughout its land mass. Almost every European country is wil ling to accept international students.

    At least ten Euro pean countries rank very high in rankings for university attractiveness to international students, according to an independent study choice web for European universities. The rankings evaluate the strength of colleges based on three pillars: Education provided is of high quality.

    Cost: a metric that considers both the cost of living (rent, food, etc.) and the  average tuition rates paid by institutions.

Living & Career: This category assesses the quality of life experiences provided by universities in that country , as well as the likelihood of st aying and working there after gr aduation.

Overall, Germany is the most appealing study destination for international students, followed by the United Kingdom, France, and the Netherlands.
Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, and It aly are all in the top ten.

Best Colleges To Take Admission

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  Here are a few European colleges and universities to consider:

University of Paris

Heidelberg University

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

University of Bologna

Sapienza University of Rome

University of Vienna

Vienna University of Technology

University of Zurich

A number of universities also make it to the Top 100, including universities in France, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Russia and Sweden.


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For students looking for guidance on where to study in Europe, including Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, Finland, and Ireland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Belgium, Spain, and other countries, GIEC GLOBAL India, one of the top education consultants for Europe in Delhi, has established a solid reputation as a valuable resource. At GIEC GLOBAL India, students looking to go abroad can choose from a range of choices to suit their interests. Extensive research may be done to solve issues with economy, education, culture, or privacy. GIEC GLOBAL India has partnered with several colleges in Europe and this is why we have become a top ranked Europe study visa consultants in Delhi and overseas education consultants for Europe. Thanks to the help of our Europe  education consultant  , many students across the country have pursued their dreams of studying abroad.


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Countries that provide free education for specific nationalities and/or degrees include Austria, the Republic of Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Sweden. If you want to study in Europe or any other Schengen countries and are looking for Free Courses/Institutions or cheap study options in Europe then consult your nearest GIEC Global office to check for free study options of Europe.

No, in most of the European Countries, English Tests are not mandatory and due to this it has become one of the favorite study destinations for students all across the world. English Examinations like TOEFL, PTE, IELTS and other language proficiency exam results are some times required for admission to top colleges/universities in Europe. Nevertheless, you are still able to study in Europe without IELTS/PTE/TOEFL scores in a number of European countries and universities. Please consult the certified European education consultant like GIEC Global India to check for the English test requirements.

The simplest nations in Europe to obtain a visa for permanent residence after study include Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Portugal, and even Montenegro. The process for acquiring a permanent residency visa might be more or less straightforward based on the country’s immigration laws, the criteria, and the specifics of the applicant. Please consult European Study Visa Agents like GIEC Global as we provide the best pathway to PR for European Countries to the students who are dreaming to study and settle in Europe.

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