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Portugal, is a country with a sunny climate, a welcoming culture, and with the best cities in the world. Portugal is among the best countries to study in Europe for international studies. Portugal also has one of the best universities in world with beautiful campuses. 

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Why study in Portugal?

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There are lot of reasons to study in Portugal and below are the following:

Quality of Education: The quality and the standard of the education both can be found in Portugal Education System. Along with that education in portugal is way more affordable than countries like USA, Canada, Australia and the UK. Study in Portugal can get you both quality and education and making it worth of your investment. 

Climate: Portugal is also famous for its climate as the average temperature is 20 Degree celsius. With hot summers and moderate temperature during winters, it makes the best place to study in a foreign country unlike Canada where most of the months it is snowing. 

Portuguese language : If you are a person who loves to learn a new language then study in Portugal is going to be the best decision as Portugal is not an english speaking country and to communicate locally you will have to learn basic portuguese. Also if you have difficulty learning new language then you dont have to worry about it as there are universities in Portugal that offer programs taught in English. 

Safety : Portugal is among those countries which take safety and securtity very seriously also it ranks among the top 10 countries in the world as per the global peace index.

Food and Adventure : While studying in Portugal you will have access to variety of food and various adventures like surfing; If you are a person who loves to try new foods and flavours then Portugal has a lot to offer you.

Best courses to study in Portugal

study mba in portugal for indian students

  Research based programs

    Course: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics

Universities: Faculty of Sciences (University of Lisbon), Faculty of Sciences (University of Porto), Faculty of Sciences and Technology (University of Coimbra)

Portugal has variety of programs to offer for both domestic and international students and that too in both English and Portuguese. Below are the following programs with university names:

Business and Management

    Course: Business Administration, Management, Economics

Universities: Nova School of Business and Economics (Nova University Lisbon), Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics (Catholic University of Portugal), Porto Business School (University of Porto)

Technology and Engineering

    Course: Engineering (various disciplines)

Universities: Instituto Superior Técnico (University of Lisbon), University of Porto, University of Minho

Health Science and Medicine 

    Course: Medicine, Biomedical Sciences

Universities: Faculty of Medicine (University of Lisbon), Faculty of Medicine (University of Porto), Faculty of Medicine (University of Coimbra)

 Humanities and Social Science

    Course: Social Sciences, International Relations, Psychology, History, Languages

Universities: Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (NOVA University Lisbon), Faculty of Letters (University of Porto), Faculty of Economics and Management (University of Lisbon)


Cost of study in Portugal depends on the course and the university you want to study in. For international students who are looking to pursure bachelor’s in Portugal 900-8000 Euros per year and whereas a master’s degree can cost around 1200-9000 Euros per year. GIEC Global India is the top Study in Portugal consultants for Indian students and we can assist you to find the best university in Portugal along with course which is best for your future goas.

English is not really required to study in Portal in most of the universities in Portugal. But before applying to the university it is advised to check with the university or registered education consultants like GIEC Global India for the English test Requirements. 

Portugal offers an integrated program of 6 years which includes Bachelor’s and master’s degree. Once the education is completed the student a common year to complete an internship to do the practitioner’s under supervision. To know more, please contact GIEC Global India as we are the top study-abroad consultant for Poland.

GIEC Global India is the best Study in Portugal consultants for Indian students and the leading Portugal education consultants in Delhi. GIEC Global India is one of the top Study abroad consultants for Portugal from India with years of experience in overseas education and immigration.