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What is Scholarship?

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Scholarships for students are invaluable opportunities that provide financial aid, recognition, and support to deserving individuals seeking to pursue higher education. These merit-based rewards are typically offered by various organizations, institutions, and foundations with the aim of encouraging academic excellence, leadership, and community involvement. Scholarships serve as a means to reduce the burden of tuition fees and other educational expenses, enabling students from diverse backgrounds to access quality education and realize their academic aspirations. Beyond financial assistance, scholarships also instill a sense of accomplishment and motivation, fostering a culture of intellectual curiosity and personal growth. By investing in the potential of young minds, scholarships play a crucial role in shaping the leaders, innovators, and change-makers of tomorrow, ultimately contributing to a more prosperous and enlightened society.

Our Tie-ups Universities for Scholarship

Scholarships of Australian Universities

Scholarships are frequently provided by Australian educational institutions to qualified overseas students depending on their academic performance. GIEC GLOBAL India helped many students to get Scholarship in Australia. You may get financial support while studying in Australia via a variety of scholarships, grants, and bursaries. The Australian government provides a few, while others are provided by educational institutions and both public and commercial entities.

Scholarship in Canada

Scholarships Canada

A variety of scholarships are offered by Canadian universities  and colleges to deserving foreign students who want to study there. In addition, the Canadian government, as well as public and private organisations, offer a wide variety of scholarships, grants, and bursaries. Check the requirements, deadlines, and eligibility for each of these scholarships before submitting an application.

Scholarship in France

Each year, more than 500 deserving young Indian students who want to pursue their higher education in France at a public or private university get scholarships worth up to 12 crore Indian rupees from the French Embassy in India, French businesses, and French organisations. Graduate, postgraduate, doctoral, and other levels of study in a variety of academic areas are all eligible for these grants.

Why Scholarship in Germany?

International students are increasingly choosing to study in Germany. There are a number of causes for this, with scholarships coming in top. Multiple scholarships will be given to you by colleges, businesses, and the government. Indian students may potentially qualify for scholarships to study in Germany.  The public universities in Germany provide free undergraduate programmes. 

Scholarship in Ireland

One of the best choices for overseas students is now Ireland. Ireland provides scholarships and other forms of financial help despite the fact that living costs are high there, making it possible for you to afford to study there. If you make good plans, you’ll find that Ireland is an economical destination since its institutions and colleges will enable you to learn at a cheaper cost. Continue reading and get in touch with GIEC GLOBAL India for further information if you want to learn more about the many scholarship options, their requirements, amounts, etc.

best universities in latvia for study

Latvia Scholarships for India

Latvia, a charming European nation renowned for its rich history and vibrant culture, invites citizens from over 40 eligible countries to pursue their academic aspirations through the prestigious Latvian State scholarships. With a commitment to promoting international cooperation and cultural exchange, Latvia offers a wide range of scholarship opportunities for students seeking to study at its esteemed higher education institutions. Whether you’re interested in arts, sciences, technology, or any other field, the Latvian State scholarships open doors to a world-class education.

Netherlands Scholarships

International students are warmly welcomed to the Netherlands with a variety of scholarships available to help them overcome any financial challenges that may arise during their studies in this dynamic country. These scholarships are carefully tailored to support students from diverse backgrounds and academic fields, allowing them to fully engage in the Dutch academic experience without financial worries. These scholarships can cover tuition fees, accommodation expenses, and living costs, providing invaluable assistance that allows students to focus on their academic and personal development. 

top universities in New Zealand

New Zealand Scholarships

New Zealand is one of the best choices for foreign students for education and Scholarship because of its high level of life and educational excellence. There are so many scholarships offered by the nation. You can select the scholarships that best fit you from among those offered by  universities, institutions, and trusts. Your tuition, flights, health insurance, and living costs are all covered by these scholarships. GIEC GLOBAL India will guide you in the entire process.

Scholarship in Singapore

Universities in Singapore give students the greatest amenities and the best education. Singapore provides the best scholarship options for the international students may expect a secure and inviting atmosphere at institutions. The nation offers first-rate transport options inside university campuses and a strong healthcare system.

best universities in Europe for study

Scholarship in Europe

  • It Can Advance Your Career
  • World Class Education and Research
  • More Educational Options
  • Lower Tuition Fees
  • Aligned Higher
  • Education Systems
  • Cultural and Historical Richness
  • Unparalleled Academic Heritage
  • Future Oriented
    Part Time Job Opportunities.

Scholarships for United Kingdom

The UK is a popular destination for international students, especially for Indians. They have the best universities according to the QS World University Rankings. However, studying in the UK is never inexpensive. If you wish to learn in the UK and know more about the scholarships, fellowships, and other financial aid the country provides, GIEC GLOBAL India will guide you at every step.

best universities in USA for study

Scholarships for USA

The resources and facilities offered to students in the United States are far better than those in India.  The availability of career prospects following graduation is another crucial factor. The USA has a robust economy and provides a wide range of employment opportunities.

Types of Scholarships for Indian Students


This kind of scholarship is given depending on the results of an applicant’s academic qualifying exams. International students with exceptional intellectual ability are given this study abroad scholarship. They do not consider a student’s financial situation. It is a common belief that merit based scholarships are based on academic achievements. Some universities consider a wide range of skills, including musical and physical abilities.These scholarships usually  cover tuition fees and are awarded based on merit.

University Scholarships

Students who wish to pursue higher education abroad can apply for university scholarships. These grants don’t need to be submitted, unlike admissions scholarships. These scholarships are immediately available to you if you are currently enrolled in a college or university. This scholarship helps Indian students who are studying abroad since it pays for a portion of their tuition. GEIC GLOBAL India guides you and help to to choose the best university for scholarship.


Certain colleges and institutions offer grants to students who intend to pursue a particular field of study. These grants are usually provided to motivate students from developing countries to pursue higher education.Additionally, private  organizations also offer such awards. For more information you can just contact us, our expert will guide you in the entire process and gives you the full information and provide you the hassle free services.

Government Scholarships

Government scholarship schemes offer improved opportunities for students from diverse social and financial backgrounds. The government aims to inspire deserving students to pursue their academic goals without any financial constraints. GIEC GLOBAL India will help you at every step in this process, we have experienced consultants who guide and provide you with hassle-free services.

Private Scholarships

These are foreign scholarships given to Indian students by private individuals or groups. Corporations and community organisation also offer these services. Private funds are established by donors to offer scholarships for studying abroad. Academic requirements and the donors’ financial situation are taken into account while determining the prizes. Many scholarships have strict eligibility criteria, such as being a woman, belonging to a minority group, studying a particular subject, or hailing from an underdeveloped nation.

Financial Scholarships

These study abroad grants are intended to help students pay for graduate school. To determine if the student can afford the tuition payments, the provider will assess the student’s financial situation. The scholarship provider will take into account the student’s citizenship and income, among other financial factors. Both need  based and merit based scholarships may be available for Indian students who are studying overseas.


Since 2015, GIEC GLOBAL India has assisted students in pursuing higher education overseas using a tried-and-true methodology and procedure. We give students total assistance with their international studies. Our moral counselling approach, highly skilled staff, and extensive array of student services guarantee that you choose the best path for your own advancement.


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  Application assistance

  Visa advisor

Pre-departure orientation


The processing of a student visa application typically takes 2-4 weeks. It is normally advised to apply at least two months before the intake date, however admission may be subject to the University or Institute’s processing timescale.

Fees for admission and visa applications will vary each university, based on their administrative costs. The total costs, which include application fees, visa fees, visa processing fees, deposit fees, and other expenses, maybe more, and GIEC GLOBAL India assists you at every step.

GIEC GLOBAL India is the best consultant for education and scholarship. We have years of experience and we helped  many students get their visas.We provide hassle  free services to our clients, which is why we are the most trusted education consultant in Delhi, India.

A minimum Band score of 6 in each of the four abilities tested—Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking—is typically required by institutions, in addition to an overall IELTS Band score of 6. However, certain institutions may additionally take into account an overall IELTS Band score of 5.5.