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GIEC Global India is the best study abroad consultants and migration agent in Delhi NCR providing all types of related services like university selection, college selection, course selection, college change, visa extension, work permits, permanent residency, citizenship, and all other types of visa services to its customers.

For setting high standards of customer service and providing all-inclusive immigration procedure support and help to customers, the GIEC GLOBAL India is the best Immigration and Visa Consultancy in Delhi and has won a great deal of praise and favourable evaluations from a large number of clients. We at GIEC GLOBAL India want to ensure that the applicants’ visa applications go smoothly and without incident. GIEC GLOBAL India has thus established itself as one of the best immigration advisory firms in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, and Faridabad, India.

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We are the best immigration visa conusultant in Delhi


Moving abroad is what everyone dreams of, whether it be for work, better chances, a better lifestyle, a better education, or business. Some nations outperform others in terms of infrastructure, access to healthcare, and opportunity. Therefore, moving somewhere that will improve your quality of life is always the proper decision. Motives for moving overseas There are many good reasons to relocate overseas, but you must opt for a location that values your abilities and talents and compensates you well for them. a location where your life becomes better.

We are the best Education visa consultant in Delhi


Studying abroad offers you the ability to advance your profession and have a once in a lifetime experience. Whether you decide to pursue your education in Canada, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, or Europe, all of these countries have established infrastructure, best faculty, and other resources that will benefit students and further their careers in a variety of ways. The advantages of studying abroad can outweigh any disadvantages.The advantages of studying abroad are listed below.

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If you are wondering what the world has in store for us in terms of natural beauty, man-made wonders of the world, and pretty beaches, then it is definitely a thing to wonder or dream of seeing all of these beauties, and not just dreaming, one should be courageous enough to get out of their comfort zone and travel abroad. Overseas travel is almost on everyone’s bucket list, some even start saving money a year or 2 years in advance just to make foreign trips. Be it Venice in Italy, Lisbon in Portugal, New York in the USA, or to see a cherry blossom festival in Japan, every place has its own beauty and a story to tell. So, why are people so fond of making overseas trips.

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It is usually advantageous to work in a foreign nations that has a develope economy, infrastructure, and possibilitie for everyone who is smart and skilled. Your career will be boosted and advanced by moving overseas to a nation where your abilities are recognised and valued. You may receive help from the best work visa advisors in obtaining a work permit or work visa for any nation.

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GIEC GLOBAL India is the best rated PTE, IELTS, and TOEFL coaching centre in Delhi.They offer students a comprehensive study guide and skill sharing opportunities, along with exte nsive PTE training to help them achieve their goals in the exams.

Interview Preparation

Navigating the immigration or Work visa interview can be an overwhelming experience. Embarking on the journey to secure an employment-based immigration visa is undoubtedly exciting but also comes with its fair share of challenges. As you prepare for the crucial visa interview, it becomes paramount to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and confidence for a smooth and successful process. To assist you in this endeavour, our comprehensive guide is designed to walk you through the essential steps of preparation, offering valuable insights and practical tips. With our support, you can confidently approach the interview, knowing that you are well-prepared to tackle any questions or concerns.

Overseas insurance

Overseas Insurance

Travel insurance is designed to cover you for a range of unexpected events that could happen when you’re travelling overseas or in Australia. GIEC GLOBAL Travel Insurance can cover costs like travel delays or emergency medical treatment, or the cost of replacing items that were lost or stolen during your trip.

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We are the best education and immigration consultant in Delhi

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Our employees, who take pleasure and happiness in their job, are our biggest asset and the secret to our success. Our culture encourages staff to work together in a single effort based on respect for one another and cooperation, which is what a client-centric strategy demands. You will discover a working environment at GIEC Global India that fosters career growth and motivates you to have an influence on both a professional and personal level.

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