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PTE Training

PTE training

PTE stands for Pearson Test of English, an examination conducted to prove proficiency in the English language. The PTE examination consists of 4 sections or modules, Reading, listening, writing, and speaking. This exam is accepted globally and even in major English-speaking countries like Australia, the USA, the UK, Ireland, and New Zealand.


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PTE Academic test

PTE academic test is taken by the students or applicants who want to study in an English- speaking country. Best PTE Coaching in Delhi will make sure that you are ready to begin studying or training in an English-speaking place. 

PTE General test 

PTE general test is for those applicants who  want to analyze their English speaking skills in general. The test can be taken 3 times a year.

PTE young learners test 

PTE young learners is for those students who are between the age of 6 – 13. This exam focuses on reading, writing , listening, and speaking and the main focus is on commun ication by using fun activities.

PTE preparation

The Pearson Test of English tests your ability in the English language. The modules or sections in the PTE exam are reading, writing, listening, and speaking, which will measure your overall skill and fluency in English.

If you are looking to study, work, or immigrate to an English-speaking country, then you can take the PTE exam to prove your proficiency in the English language. And one must prepare in order to score as high as possible and comprehend the PTE format, for you which you might need assistance from the best institute for PTE in Delhi. As there are different types of PTE tests, 

The academic one is for students who want to study in an educational institute, the general one is for work and immi gration purposes and the third is for young learners which is for, children under the age of 13 to make them learn English in a fun and interactive way. 

PTE Exam format


The reading section is usually for 30 minutes. This section includes the following:

Fill in the blanks 


Re-arranging paragraphs

Speaking and writing

Speaking and writing, the two modules of the PTE exam are of 55 – 70 minutes. The key components in this module include:


Reading paragraphs

Sentence repetition 

Image Description

Answering short questions 

Essay writing 

Summarizing written text


The listening section is of 30 – 45 minutes. The listening section includes the following activities:

Summarizing the spoken texts

Fill in the blanks

Choosing the missing word 


Select missing word

Highlight the correct summary

Eligibility for taking the PTE examination

The test taker must be at least 18 years of age for taking the PTE Academic and PTE General tests.  If a person is under 18 and wants to take the PTE exam, then he/she must get a parent counsel letter signed by his/her parents or guardian before giving the test. 

No education  qualification is required as of now for the PTE exam.

There are no limits for taking the PTE exam, but a gap of a minimum of 5 days is required to give the  next attempt. 

Anyone from any country can give the PTE exam. 

PTE general Pattern

A1 foundation  1 hour 15 minutes for the second session 

A2 level 1 is for 1 hour 35 minutes for the second session 

B1 level 2 is for 1 hour 35 minutes for the second session 

B2 level 3 is for 2 hours for the second session 

C1 level 4 is for 2 hours 30 minutes for the second session

C2 level 5 is for 2 hours and 55minutes for the second session 

The PTE general examination is of two sections, a written test, and an interview test, related to the speaking test. Both of these sections are then evaluated by the UK examiners. Many universities and ministries of the world accept the Pearson test of English general test. The certificate of the PTE general test is based on proficiency in communicating in English rather than the test skills. 

The written test is 75 marks and the spoken interview test carries the weight of 25 marks. The levels in PTE general exam are of 6 levels. 

A1 foundation – 5 minutes  for the first session

A2 level 1 is for 5 minutes  for the first session

B1 level 2 is for 5 minutes  for the first session

B2 level 3 is for 7 minutes  for the first session 

C1 level 4 is for 8 minutes  for the first session

C2 level 5 is for 8 minutes  for the first session

How the scores are measured?

Completing tasks

To receive the marks you have to complete the given tasks. Any task that is left unanswered will not give any  points. 

Meet the requirements

The answer you will give must be given as per the rules and regulations. For example, if the required word limit is 100 then your answer  must be under the word limit.

Factors for scoring 

The test taker’s performance is assessed on factors like range, accuracy, coherence, and  orthographic control. 

Difference between PTE academic and PTE general

PTE Exam


Taking PTE general or PTE academic depends on the purpose. If you want to study then give the academic one and if the purpose is to measure the English language proficiency then go for the general one.


The general PTE exam consists of a set of 6 tests while the academic exam has 3 modules or sections that are speaking and writing, reading, and listening.


There is no validity or expiry for the general PTE. On the other hand, the academic PTE is only valid for 2 years.