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Best Spain Visit Visa Consultant In Delhi

Spain Tourist Visit Visa Consultant In Delhi

Consultant for Spain visit visa

Spain is a beautiful country in south western Europe with pretty beaches, world-class museums, delicious food and alot of things to explore. Spain is visited by many tourists every year but due to Covid-19, when the world was in lockdown, it was impossible for anyone to travel anywhere. But the situation has improved and if you are looking to travel or visit Spain then now is the right time to start your process. Spain visa agent can help you with applying for the Spain visitor visa.

spain tourist visa agency in delhi

Do I need to apply for a tourist visa for Spain?

spain tourist visa agency in delhi

If you are a non-EU citizen or from a country  that is not in the list that does not require the visa to go to Spain then you need to apply for the visitor or tourist visa for Spain. 

Spain tourist visa requirements

Spain Visit Visa

The following documents are required when applying for a short-term Schengen visa or the Spain tourist visa:

A valid passport with minimum 6 months validity, Also must show any old passports if any.

Copy of complete and signed application form 

Complete travel itinerary, including all bookings of flights, hotels and travel plans

Proof of enough finances to support travel and stay in the country

Valid medical insurance

Cover letter stating the purpose of your visit to Spain 

Proof of civil status 

Invitation letter 

Last 6 months bank statement

How long can one stay in Spain on a tourist visa?

You can stay for upto 90 days on a Spain visitor visa. If you want to stay longer or more than 90 days then you need to apply for a long term visa. You can check on the internet  for the options available for the long term stay in Spain. Spain visitor visa agent can assist you and get the visitor visa for Spain.


Tourist Visa Spain Consultants In Delhi

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