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Studying in Georgia is a great choice because it offers good education at an affordable price. Georgian universities are known for strong programs in medicine and engineering, and their degrees are recognized worldwide. The cost of living and tuition fees are much lower than in many Western countries, making it a budget-friendly option. Georgia also has a rich culture, beautiful landscapes, and friendly people, making it a welcoming place to live and study. Many courses are taught in English, and the country is building more global connections, making it even more attractive for international students.

Why Study in Gorgia?

Studying in Georgia is a fantastic experience for students from other countries. Georgia has great universities and research centers known all over the world. They focus on giving students the best education and encouraging new ideas.

Best Universities and Courses in Georgia


Notable Courses

Tbilisi State University

Medicine, Law, Business Administration

Ilia State University

Computer Science, Arts and Humanities, Education

Georgian Technical University

Engineering, Architecture, Information Technology

Caucasus University

Business Administration, International Relations, Law

Tbilisi Medical Academy

Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy

University of Georgia

Medicine, Business Administration, International Relations

Free University of Tbilisi

Business Administration, Law, Computer Science

David Tvildiani Medical University

Medicine, Nursing, Public Health

European University

Medicine, Business Administration, Engineering

Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University

Marine Sciences, Tourism, Law

Basic Requirements for Georgia Study visa

Here are the basic requirements for a Georgia study visa :

  1. Acceptance Letter: A formal letter from a recognised Georgian educational institution.
  2. Application Form: Completed visa application form.
  3. Passport: A valid passport with at least six months of validity beyond the intended period of stay.
  4. Passport Photos: Recent passport-sized photos meeting the visa requirements.
  5. Proof of Financial Means: Evidence of sufficient financial resources to cover tuition fees and living expenses, such as bank statements or a financial support letter.
  6. Proof of Accommodation: Documentation showing where you will stay in Georgia, such as a dormitory confirmation or rental agreement.
  7. Medical Insurance: Proof of health insurance coverage valid in Georgia.
  8. Visa Fee: Payment of the visa application fee.
  9. Previous Education Documents: Certified copies of previous academic qualifications and transcripts.
  10. Language Proficiency: Proof of proficiency in the language of instruction (usually English) if required by the educational institution.

Living Costs in the Georgia for Indian Students

Here’s a list of points about the living costs for Indian students in Georgia:

  1. Accommodation: Shared apartments or university dormitories are affordable options, costing around $150 to $300 per month.
  2. Food: Grocery expenses and occasional dining out typically range from $100 to $150 per month.
  3. Transportation: Public transportation is inexpensive, costing between $10 and $30 monthly.
  4. Utilities: Monthly utility bills, including internet, usually total $30 to $50.
  5. Health Insurance: Basic health insurance coverage is generally around $10 to $30 per month.
  6. Miscellaneous: Additional expenses for entertainment, clothing, and other personal needs can range from $50 to $100 monthly.


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